Welcome to Second Nature

Sometimes a collaboration works out so well that it just seems right to continue the journey. A thought that has led to the creation of production company Second Nature.

During the collaboration between TVBV and Freek Vonk ‘down under’, both parties discovered that there was the potential for a great match between them. TVBV with its extensive experience in producing great programs, and Dr Freek Vonk with his valuable knowledge as an biologist and scientist.

So the same team that made ‘Freek Vonk in Australia’ a big success now forms the basis for Second Nature.  Second Nature develops and produces formats in collaboration with biologist and scientist Freek Vonk.  What do all of these programs have in common? They are all high-quality productions, combined with a lot of passion and a great fascination for nature and animals. Recent titles include ‘Freeks Wild World’, ‘Freek Vonk in Latin America’ and a series on wildlife crime in South Africa.

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